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For those who don't want to just experiment with the unstructured organization of The Classroom, here are the same links grouped together by similarity of subject matter. For those who like to cut class and goof off, we're put all the Recesses here at the top.

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A non-classical virtuoso
Wild and crazy clarinet
The Countertenor voice
Layering in music--II
A musical shock
Combining pop with classical music
The Cambridge Buskers
Luka Bloom meets JS Bach
Swinging with Bach
Treating the classics with humor
Musical imitations of animals
Introduction to Vangelis
Mixing Gregorian chant with pop music
French pop star--Mylene Farmer
Laurie Anderson
A modern troubadour

Basic forms

Basic form--Chaconne
Basic form--Etude
Basic form--Instrumental aria
Basic form--Minuet
Basic form--Passacaille
Basic form--Rondo
Basic form--Sonata Allegro form
Basic form--The Fugue
Basic form--Chaconne
Basic form--The suite
Basic form--Waltz
Basic form--Variation
Basic form--The barcarolle

Discovery rooms

Discovering Charles Alkan
Discovering Elmer Bernstein
Discovering Erik Satie
Discovering Glenn Gould
Glenn Gould practices
Glenn Gould speaks
Discovering Gustav Mahler
Discovering Henri Tomasi
Discovering Johannes Tinctoris
Discovering microtones
Discovering polyrhythms
Discovering Camille Saint-Saëns
Discovering Enrique Granados
Discovering Louis Moreau Gottschalk
Discovering John Foulds
Discovering Nicholas Gombert
Discovering William Kapell


Instruments--The Flute
Instruments--The Oboe
Instruments--The Viola
Instruments--The Violin
Instrumental mutes


Interview-André Watts
Interview-Christopher Hogwood
Interview-Roger Norrington
Interview-Van Cliburn
Interview-Nicholas Slonimsky


Introduction to Improvisation
Introduction to Beethoven
Introduction to Frank Zappa
Introduction to Indian Music
Introduction to The 5 Browns


Understanding glissando
Understanding hemiola
Understanding meter-I
Understanding meter-II
Understanding the Fantasy
Understanding Tremolo
Understanding staffs and key signatures


Masterworks--Haydn Symphony No. 45
Masterworks--Bach's Musical Offering
Masterworks--Haydn Symphony No. 94

Odd stuff

Unusual harmonies
Unusual musical effects-I
Unusual musical instruments
Unusual soloist


A pop diva goes classical
Alternate way of playing the piano
Connecting visual art with music
Effects for Stringed Instruments
Gesualdo--A Musician and a Murderer
Getting to know Prokofiev
Great guitarist meets great pianist
Joining literature with music
An improvement on Mozart
The influence of Mozart
Pop goes classical.

Comparing an original with an arrangement.


Getting to know Lucia di Lammermoor
Getting to know Die Meistersinger

Choral Music

Remembering the Russian church