Room 45--Glenn Gould speaks

Glenn Gould (as Theodore Slutz, from The Village Grass is Greener)

You probably enjoyed the other room about Glenn Gould, and we’re going to peel away a few more layers of that musical onion here.

Many years ago, Columbia Masterworks released Gould’s recording of the Liszt transcription of the Beethoven 5th Symphony. As a bonus, they included a second disc that was called Concert Dropout which was an interview conducted by CBS producer John Mc Clure in which he asked Gould some rather pointed questions. Here are three excerpts from that disc.

Gould talks about why he stopped giving concerts and devoted himself to recordings.

Gould talks about why he sometimes hums or sings audibly on his recordings.

Gould talks about editing his way to the proper performance in the studio.

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