Room 76--Tremolo

Tremolo is a technique where a note is repeated very quickly. A tremolo on one note of a piano keyboard would sound like this. Listen!

It can easily be done on any of the bowed stringed instruments. It is more difficult on wind instruments. Percussion are also fairly easy play with tremolo. One of the most famous pieces to use tremolo throughout the work is theguitar piece by Francisco Tarrega, titled Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Memories of the Alhambra). You can hear how challenging this is because the work is a rather quiet piece, but the fingers doing the tremolo have to be moving quickly. This is a performance by Xue Fei Yang.

Tremolo can be a negative term if used to refer to the human voice. When Maria Callas was past her prime as an opera singer, she developed a tremolo you could drive a truck through. She would hold a note and it would sound like her voice was bouncing up and down by wide intervals.

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