Room 97--Classical adptations of contemporary popular music

Here we’re going to look at pieces which are based upon contemporary popular music which are modeled upon classical structures. First we will focus on pianist John Bayless.

John Bayless

Bayless began making records in 1985 and he adapted a number of tunes by the Beatles. In his most recent release, Circle of Life (which was recorded in 2001 but not released until 2007) he adapts songs of Elton John. For his version of the popular song “Tiny Dancer,” he mixes it with the main theme of the third movement of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G by Bach. This is the first musical material you hear in the piece prior to the entrance of EJ’s song.


The Section

For our second piece, we listen to part of a recording made by The Section (a string quartet) based upon the song “Exit Music (for a Film)” by Radiohead. If you weren’t told this was a pop song, you would probably never be able to tell.


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