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One of the most interesting classical music programs on the radio is The Romantic Hours. A weekly show that is syndicated by WFMT, Chicago, it has been on the air since 1998 and it is hosted by concert pianist Mona Golabek.

Each program takes you on a journey through a spoken text which might consist of romantic poetry or a succession of love letters by famous artistic figures, combined with classical music.

On this particular occasion, the program featured the Romantic poetry of the programís producer Doug Ordunio (which you can read in the Poetry Plaza of The Grand Salon elsewhere on this website), and in this case a movement from the Piano Quintet No. 1 by Hayden Wayne.
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The poem which is recited by Golabek is Astral Hymn which reads:

Pass not like a comet through my night
Floating quietly by in your brief passage
Leaving dust and ice
Your remnants to my sight

Collide with me that we may intertwine
That your fire will ignite my noblest thoughts
Nurture back to life my frozen heart
Embellishing its tart and wintry wine

When last our bold and erratic orbits crossed
Barely had I time to see your warmth
Barely time to point my telescope to the heavens
I saw a trail of white and bluish frost

Pass not like a comet through my night
Let me hold you and caress your heated core
Tell me tales of your far and distant journeys
I pray that I may bathe within your light

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