For this recess, we'll focus upon some amazing non-classical music. It is performed by a group known as Mouth Music. This is one of those pieces that sounds like pop music, but it has a classical sensibility behind it.

Here is a checklist of things to hear in this multilayered tapestry of music. The timing that each one begins is also shown.

1. beginning flute figure
2. percussion figures (:10)
3. male vocal singing something that sounds like "Ek-wa Ek-wa" (:20)
4. phone ringing (:28)
5. female singing "na-na-na-na-na" (:30)
6. voices singing "We're movin on in life" (:48)
7. Verse 1 (1:05)
8. Entrance of xylophone (1:40)
9. Entrance of tabla (drums) (1:41)
10. female voice singing "Move On" (1:41)
11. Long instrumental notes (2:05)
12. Bass guitar entrance (3:05)
13. Solo female singing "AYYYYYYYY" (3:42)

Throughout the entire song, the 13 levels keep interacting, yes even the phone (wonder why no one answered it?!)

That's a lot of stuff to keep track of, in fact the beginning flute figure may be obscured by everything else, but at the end of the tune, you can still hear it in the background. This is something you might have to hear many times just to be able to focus on everything.

Good luck, now Listen!

Album title: Shorelife. For more information about CD, go to Triple Earth Records.

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