Room 82--André Watts speaks

André Watts

André Watts is a great concert pianist, born in Nuremberg, Germany, the product of a black American service man and a Hungarian woman. He became known to the public as a result of the famous Young People's Concerts which were spearheaded by Leonard Bernstein during the 1950s. At the age of 16, he played the Liszt Piano Concerto No. 1 on one of these broadcasts. His career has led him to perform around the world.

This interview was recorded for use on United Airlines, and it was conducted backstage at the Hollywood Bowl, around 1995.

His best line is given, talking about the way some people play Liszt: "Very often, you go to concerts, and they slam their foot down and tear through this stuff, and you know, clip the fenders, knock off the corners, and shmeer this and shmeer that, and they think it's OK..."

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