Room 26

On this page we shall explore a piece of music which might be analogous to a work of visual art. Look closely at the picture, which shows a work known as "Three Worlds" by the famed graphic artist MC Escher. Do you understand the meaning of the title? In case you donít. One world is the underwater portion which is where the fish is located. The second world is the waterís surface where the leaves are floating. The third world is where the trees are located and reflected in the water.

Now we will introduce you to a wonderful piece known as Doria that was created in the late 1960s by a wonderful California composer named Douglas Leedy. You need to hear the work and get it well in mind. Just think about the texture of the whole sound. Listen!

Do you get the connection between the picture and the music? Itís a subtle one. Take your time and listen again if you need to. If not, then Go to next room.

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