Here is what one visitor to The Classroom had to say. "It is a wonderful site and a fun way to learn - perfect for neophytes such as myself, but I'm sure everyone could benefit from it. I've only had time for a brief visit yesterday (work...) but will have time today to explore (I've bookmarked, of course). I needed help figuring out the meter in Ravel's Bolero (that's how much of a neophyte I am) but once I got it, it made sense. This is not only a great way to understand classical music, it is applicable to so much more. Again, I thank you for the suggestion. It'll be fun exploring the various classrooms."

Heidi Heimler (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

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Room 1--Subtleties in listening
Room 2--Musical layers
Room 3--More subtleties in listening
Recess 1--A non-classical virtuoso
Room 4--An unusual instrument
Room 5--How old is it?
Room 6--Special effects
Room 7--Understanding meter
Recess--Wild and crazy clarinet
Room 8--Out of control turntable
Room 9--Basic form-Chaconne
Room 10--Basic form-Minuet
Room 11--Intro to Impressionism
Recess 3--We're gonna take you higher
Room 12--Extra-musical meanings
Room 13--More extra-musical meanings
Room 14--Simultaneous melodies
Room15--The mighty Ludwig!
Recess 4--Layering complexities!
Room 16--Introduction to the Passacaille
Room 17--The variation form
Room 18--If Debussy had lived 30 more years
Room 19--Hearing polyrhythms
Recess 5--A musical shock
Room 20--Rondo form
Room 21--Glenn Gould
Room 22--And before rock 'n' roll...
Room 23--The aria
Room 24--Doe, a deer?
Recess 6--Combining pop with classical
Room 25--Two virtuoso voices
Room 26--Connection between visual art and music
Room 27--Harmony from outer space
Room 28--Introduction to the violin

Recess 7--The Cambridge Buskers
Room 29--Introduction to polyphony
Room 30--Bach's gift to Frederick the Great
Room 31--Études
Room 32--Just the effects, ma'am!

Recess 8--Bloom meets Bach
Room 33--Zounds! It's a mazurka!
Room 34--Haydn's big surprise
Room 35--Watch out! It's the waltz!
Room 36--Dial G for murder...

Room 37--Lucia loses it!
Room 38--Shooting your mute!
Room 39--Christopher Hogwood speaks
Room 40--The Big Wagner Turn-On
Recess 9--Take a "swing" at Bach!

Room 41--Van Cliburn speaks
Room 42--Deeper insights into Prokofiev
Room 43--Getting to know HEMIOLA
Room 44--Holst repeats himself twice!
Room 45--Glenn Gould speaks

Room 46--Playing in the cracks
Room 47--Bringing the 19th century back to life
Room 48--A nightingale with a toothache??
Room 49--One voice, two notes
Recess 10--Treating the classics with humor

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