We would like to be able to enlarge this space for learning as much as possible, but we need your help. You can do this by making a tax-deductible contribution to THE INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATIVE FOR THE PERPETUATION OF THE NEW CLASSICISM, Inc. (I.C.P.N.C.), EIN # 31-1737690. It was established to fund the promotion of new music by composers who have joined the talents of different artists from around the world as well as education. The attempt is to generate a new audience for classical music and stem the tide of attrition because the remaining classical loyalists are slowly dying away. These are critical times and something must be done.

Please contact us in this regard at classroom@newmillenniumrecords.com

Contributions of any size are most welcome!

You can also reach us at ths following address:

ATTN: Yitka Zajac
21 W. 86th Street Suite 807
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Telephone: 212 877-2238
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