Well, we had to add another floor to the Classroom. Hope you were in shape enough to make it up those long flights of stairs. But now that you're here.

Room 50--Slip slidin' away
Room 51--Voices as instruments
Room 52--Minimally invasive
Room 53--Sometimes it quacks like a duck
Recess 11--Animal Farm
Room 54--The Melisma
Room 55--A memorable character
Room 56--How low can you go?
Room 57--Take your drum and beat it!
Room 58--Time to show off your chops
Recess 12--Relax with Vangelis
Room 59--A beautiful use of the orchestra
Room 60--Introducing the VIOLA
Room 61--When a hand won't work, use a fist!
Room 62--Jazzy trumpet
Recess 13--Chant goes pop!
Room 63--A subtle hint from Haydn
Room 64--Are you going crazy or is it a fugue?
Room 65--Caveat re: conducting
Room 66--Making it up
Room 67--Blurring historical lines
Room 68--Streisand stretches
Room 69--The Flute
Room 70--Voices 8 x 5
Room 71--Thoughts of Esa-Pekka Salonen
Room 72--Glenn Gould practices
Room 73--Getting to know Indian music
Room 74--Let's be Frank
Recess 14--Mylène Farmer
Room 75 Shape-notes
Room 76--Tremolo
Room 77--How suite it is!?
Room 78--Music joined with literature
Room 79--50 fingers, 88 keys
Room 80--A great guitarist meets a great pianist
Room 81--Understanding sonata form
Room 82--A giant of music
Room 83--André Watts speaks
Room 84--Wild and crazy instruments
Room 85--A forgotten virtuoso
Room 86--An improvement on Mozart
Room 87--Tears and laughter
Room 88--The Great Gottschalk
Room 89--A Forgotten Genius
Recess 16--A modern troubadour
Room 90--The influence of Mozart
Room 91--Remembering the Russian church
Room 92--The barcarolle
Room 93--Renaissance composer Nicholas Gombert
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