Answer No. 1

The most unusual part of the piece us that at the same time that voices are singing the words, there are voices also whispering the words. Did you hear it?

Better listen again. Listen again!

That's pretty subtle, wasn't it?

By the way, that's by a British ensemble called Libera. The album is titled Angel Voices. The recording is on EMI. The catalog number is 03172.


Why do people have a hard time with classical music?? Because the music really reaches a deeper emotional level than any other style of music. Classical music invades your space. Most of it forces you to listen carefully, but there are exceptions. For example when Johann Strauss, Jr. was writing waltzes for his Vienna concerts in the 19th century, the music had to be IMMEDIATELY comprehensible. After all, people were probably dancing to it. It had to reach people instantly on a different plane.

If composers were not writing for the audience, they could do anything they wished. For example, here is an excerpt to get you listening. Think about how the composer is acheiving the effect in this music Listen!

After you've listened enough, you're ready for the ANSWER

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