Who is the Wallinger Quartet?

The Wallinger String Quartet is one of the finest young ensembles from the Moravian region of the Czech Republic. They formed in 1986 at the Brno Conservatory and became a professional adjunct to the Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra. The current members: Pavel Wallinger, 1st violin; Jan Vasta, 2nd violin; Miroslav Kovar, viola; and Jan Skrdlík, violoncello; all studied at the Janácek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Prominent Czech artists from the Moravian, Janácek and Smetana Quartets contributed to the artistic development of both the individual players and of the quartet as a whole.

In 1987 the Quartet won the Beethoven Prize at the Hradec Competition and was also honored at the 1988 International Prague Spring Competition and the 1990 Evian Competition in France among others. The ensemble has been heard in Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Africa. It made its North American debut in 1993 with a twenty-five concert tour of the east coast. The following year the Wallinger appeared at festivals in Paris and Lyons and were featured at the International Festival of String Quartets in Prague.

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