Michael Speaker is a genius. His imagination knows no bounds. A rhino desk? A Trojan Suit? The Goddess of Lost Data? They may all become symbols of our modern culture. Why? Because Mr. Speaker has forged creations that will become indelible images of our time.

In his own words...

I grew up in Portland Oregon, the youngest of three in a family geared towards classical music all the time. My mother is still a very active music teacher and my father was an accountant who later in life became very active in service to the local community.

I escaped the classical music scene through sports but retained the discipline that one must work at mastering the art form. Score; One photographer in LA, A violinist in Boston and a sculptor in the NYC area.

My first art world success was my koa rhino desk in 1979 shown at the American Craft Museum in New York. That show traveled to 10 other museums. That was followed by lots of group showings in various galleries, a few solo shows and several commissions, mostly private collectors. I also received a Westaff NEA followship (remember NEA individual artists grants?) and my work was recognized in Japan in the 1993 Hakone Open Air Museum.

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