JAN SKRDLIK was born in Ostrava, the Czech Republic, into a musical family. He studied under eminent check cellists: Jan Halishka, Bedrich Havik and Daniel Veis and under Luis Clarect in Barcelona, Spain. He was the recipient of the Czech Musical Fund Award for the promotion of Czech works internationally, as well as other awards.

Audiences have had the pleasure of experiencing Mr. Skrdlik as an excellent soloist and chamber player interpreting virtually all styles of composition, at hundreds of concerts on three continents, including television and radio broadcasts and recordings for so long and with orchestra.

Mr. Skrdlik is internationally critically acclaimed for his distinct and unfailing management of bowing, musical coloring and smoothness of tone. Together with his artistic nobility, he creates a unique mood in his recordings and performances.

Since 1977 he has been teaching at the Conservatory of Brno, and in Spain, since 2003, where he teaches courses in interpretation.

He plays the Emanuel Adam Holmoe to Op. 20 cello from 1842.