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Africa Symphony
A guide to Africa

Funk Symphony
Notes about Funk

Heavy Metal Symphony
Notes about Heavy Metal

Reggae Symphony
Notes about Reggae

Hayden Wayne biography
Other works of Hayden Wayne
In Memoriam
The Rosenberger Variations
The Romantic
Nuzerov Quartets 3,4 & 5
Nuzerov Quartets 6,7 & 8
Nuzerov Quartets 9 and 10
Five Dances for Cello and Piano
Piano Quintet No. 1 (Nuzerov)

A Chronological Anthology of Hayden Wayne

Lion Autumn Music--Hayden Wayne's publisher

The Press Page

The New Millennium Philosophy
Hayden Wayne on "How I turned to music"
Hayden Wayne on "Popular music"
Hayden Wayne on "Musical form"
Hayden Wayne on "Discipline"
Hayden Wayne on "The State of Things"
Hayden Wayne - "J'accuse"

Who is Leos Svarovsky?
Who is the Wallinger Quartet?
Who is Irmgard Hess Rosenberger?
Who is Jan Skrdlik?
Who is Petra Besa-Pospisilova?

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