There is a mesmerizing eroticism to the art of David Scott that will haunt you for a long time. His sculptures are otherworldly. His paintings of flowers seem to reveal human personalities. The slave ships are both beautiful and disturbing. He is all you would hope for in an artist and more. As he writes: I am glad to be an artist, I like the life style that it presents, the wonderful people and experiences it brings to me. At times, I have loved making art and at other times I have resisted it and denied my involvement with it.. But, I am most centered when I am working; I know this. I try to be as centered when I am sweeping the floor. Both are difficult, making art and sweeping the floor.

His statement above reveals a great deal about the creative impulse which causes some of us to breathe life into our thoughts and perceptions.

To see more of his inspired work, visit his website.

The painting to the left is Sinking Slaver; to the right, Reclining Model VII.