Virtual Nature

We have put together a selection of some of the best videos of nature that youtube has to offer about some of the most unique places on earth. Please enjoy!

These three videos show off the amazing Angel Falls in Venezuela where the water plummets over 2,000 feet for the first drop and over 500 feet for the second. The second video shows the Iguazu Falls that lie on the border between Brazil and Argentina. Finally the Victoria Falls in Zambia

The next three youtube videos show you three amazing natural sites: Deer Cave in Borneo a place in the earth where you inside you could fit a jumbo jet! Second is the Cave of Flowers in Mexico in which people do base jumping since it is basically a 1300 foot hole in the ground. It is also home to 3 million bats which come out every evening for a flight. The third video shows a Giant Crystal Cave that is over 1000 feet beneath the earth’s surface. The temperature inside is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and over 80 percent humidity—a very dangerous environment.

Now we feature three videos that cover some of the most amazing rivers on earth: The Nile; The Grand Canyon, and The Amazon