Those who only see the deficit in their lives live in an empty world. Those who recognize the assets live with endless possibilities. Every painter, architect, every scientific thought, every note of music, every level of excellence, whether in the board room or on the playing field, comes from this very noise that is within us and is the very essence of our souls.

The reason, as I see it, that the world is so sick at heart and spirit is because people fixate on the wrong aspects of the necessity to survive. We need to live, not just survive, regardless of our station in life, monetarily or socially. Ironically, as Zen as this sounds, and I certainly don't mean to imply we all lead a monastic life, but if it were so simple, we would do as Joseph Campbell eloquently said..."Follow your bliss."

Now I realize this is an oversimplification and a sweeping generality. Life on the mortal side is a hell of a lot more complex. However, even in one's poorest straits, if we could just still ourselves more, long enough to hear the noise, we would stop wasting energy the way a drowning man does, flailing his arms, disregarding the physics involved to keep his head above water. And in all our lives, haven't we journeyed too far because of our own näiveté, and in environmental situations, found ourselves in water too deep?

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