PETRA BESA-POSPISILOVA, starting very young at the piano, with Prof. Alena Vlasakova, she then entered the Academy of Music and Arts in Prague by the age of eight, and studying under Prof. Irena Havlakov and Prof. Pavel Stepan, and became a fourfold laureate of the international competition, “Virtuosi per musica di pianoforte,” in Usti nad Labem. Soon after, as the youngest winner, she was awarded the Prize of Czech Radio, subsequently making her television debut, performing the music from Respirium.

Enrolling in the Conservatory of Brno, under Prof. Milan Bialas, she was to win prizes in the Competition of Czech Conservatory’s, 1991; the Janacek Foundation Award for her interpretation of the Janacek’s compositions, 1993; and the Frederic Chopin competition, 1994. Graduating from the Conservatory in 1996 she was recognized and awarded Best Pianist.

Continuing her studies at the Janacek Academy of Music, under Dr. Jiri Skovasja, she received her Master’s Degree and then continued her study, under Prof. Bruno Canino in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, in Bern, Switzerland, subsequently winning the prestigious Solistendiplom.

Ms. Popspisilova’s international concert career has been rather extensive, including the Czech and Slovak Republics, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Cuba.