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WAYNE LAMMERS created the lyrics and sang all the songs on the 2004 Grammy nominated Comedy CD,"The Best of the Al Franken Show." The songs of Lammers and Levin were, as Al called them, "Our resident Gilbert and Sullivans," that first year on Air America. Most recently, he contributed all the lyrics to the Von Trapp Children's Christmas CD, "Snow," with music by Jay Chattaway, which had its world premiere at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont last year and will be prominently featured on their upcoming world tour of symphony orchestras this fall.

For those seeking cheap downloads, "Snow," is currently selling briskly on over 100 internet sites including itunes. You may also have heard his weekly comedy spots on "The Jackie Mason Show," broadcast nationally on the Talk America Radio Network. Mr. Lammers will always be grateful for Jackie's many attempts to pluck him from obscurity and he said of Wayne's weekly contributions, "Every line is a masterpiece."

Wayne's massive mug has been caricatured in "The New Yorker" and emblazoned on Page Six of "The New York Post," as well as seen beaming nationwide on PBS in his classic music video, "We Bought the T Shirt, We Saved the World." His legendary one man shows have been part of the downtown scene for many years from La Mama Galleria to the Westbeth to the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

His one-man multi media musical sending up Rush Limbaugh, "The Limbaugh Lovers Songbook," was produced at the Joseph Papp Public Theater in NYC while another of Mr. Lammers one man shows, "For No Apparent Reason," which "The New Yorker" said, "casts a wry satiric eye on American culture," ran for over a year and a half at the Trocadero Room in the West Village. You may have also glimpsed one or two of his 35 comic music videos created with Henry Chalfant seen nationally on PBS and internationally in various film festivals. He holds a BFA and MA from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Wayne also collaborated with Mr.Chattaway on "An American Celebration" at the Kennedy Center and the musical CD, "The Cabbage Patch Kid Reunion." His new screenplay, "Wall Shriek," co-authored with Jackson Baroden, needs people of vision to back it. Below are some of Wayne's earlier attempts at comic music video notoriety. All the lyrics are by Mr. Lammers with music by, in no particular order, Phil Goodbody, Pete Levin and Hayden Wayne. Most of them were directed and edited by noted graffiti legend, Henry Chalfant. The most recent low budget extravaganzas were directed by Carl Weston and Mr. Lammers, along with some very helpful input from Hayden Wayne, as well as shot and edited by Mr. Weston.

And here's a great song by Wayne Lammers and Pete Levin

The Empire Rules The Earth>

Who Killed Bambi's Mother?

Video War


Stand Up Poet
I Must Be Parisian

The Other Side

Outrageous in Vegas