"I have been a client of Jeff's for nearly 10 years. He has helped me through times of crisis like the death of my father and break-up of a relationship as well as key decision times. He always provides insight that helps greatly not only with understanding but perspective and he does so with great commitment and humanity. He is the most talented and knowledgeable astrologer I have met. As well as all that he is a great delight to work with which has kept me coming back over the years from London.”

-----Sally Bibb (UK): Company director and author (books include A Question Of Trust: The Crucial Nature of Trust And Business, Work And Life-And How to Build It and The Stone Age Company: Why Companies We Work For Are Dying And How They Can Be Rebuilt)

"My first consultation with Jeff was in 1984. He did a general reading and a solar return chart. In 1987, he sent me on a solar return trip that was life changing. Each subsequent trip informs me in a way that helps me with the choices I make in my life. He is an astrologer who makes you understand why great men and women throughout history have consulted astrologers. His capacity to know things from his reading of the cosmos continues to surprise and inform me, and my sessions with Jeff serve as a guide during the year. Over time, I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and accurate. Jeff's work is not superficial. I recommend him without reservation to anyone who is serious about life, and understands that Astrology is not an amusement, nor a substitution for individual responsibility. If you take life seriously, and want guidance to help you in understanding what is going on in your life, guidance for your own intuition and sense of direction in making important decisions in your life, I guarantee that Jeff is the astrologer to consult. He's worth every penny.

----- John Strasberg (internationally known acting teacher, director, actor playwright, and author of Accidentally On Purpose: Reflections on Life, Acting, and the Nine Natural Laws of Creativity)

“Jeff can help me focus on what really matters in my life and work. He has insights and ways of seeing that open up new vistas. His insights on careers helped me to move into a successful consulting business.”

-----Dr. Karen Otazo.

“Jeff creatively uses a wide range of techniques to interpret his client's chart, which he does with genuine concern, sensitivity and compassion.  I found his insights therapeutic and empowering.  Jeff has a masterful command of astrology. He was particularly helpful to me in arriving at a better understanding of the dynamics and challenges of a very problematic relationship I had been in, resulting in a significant degree of resolution for me.”

-----Marlys Wilson (Minneapolis, MN): member National Council of Geocosmic Research.

“Jeff sent me on my first solar return trip after my husband died suddenly – on the very day, it turned out, Jeff had mentioned previously in his forecasting would probably be an ‘extremely problematic one relative to difficult transitions in my marriage already in play wherein things could reach a sense of ‘life and death’ proportions’ – and I thought the journeying would be a way to jolt me out of a terrible depression. I was very surprised to find he had picked a place that did just that! Since then, I’ve gone on many solar return journeys because the first one was so illuminating and interesting that I couldn’t NOT go on the next one. Now, they’ve become a birthday gift to myself that I eagerly look forward to….and find a magnificent way to not only get a look at the possibilities for the year to come, but a wonderful 3-4 days geared to exploration, and finding symbols, signs and unusual happenings in each place. My solar return journey has become much more than simply a travel plan to improve the shape of my future, but a reason to find the specialness in spots in the world to which I wouldn’t normally travel as well. I recommend them highly.”

-----Jennie Blackton, political communications consultant, Washington, DC.

“I never believed in astrology until Jeff nailed it for me when it really mattered.”

-----Incognito (for these purposes, otherwise well-known) on-air TV financial editor/reporter, commentator and author.


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