Specialties, Areas of Focus & Operations

1) First-Time Comprehensive General Life-Read: (2-hour session; 250 USD).

This is strongly suggested for new clients as a grounding in the fundamental challenges, imperatives, and meaning of the chart as per my particular approach and as a basis, thereby, for further work/other operations. Emphasis is on orientation of the individual to the horoscope as a dharma map (one’s body of truth, including their mission, in the context of soul growth; here = clarification process [itself subordinated to what in Kabbalah is known as the Work of the Unification]), with the horoscopic map seen as a “play” the individual soul is given to work through in this particular life in the setting of transmigration-reincarnation, with predictably characterizing challenges/issues asking resolution (karmic work). The planetary gods and goddesses are negotiated as angelics/messengers emanating from All-Is-Oneness (on missions requiring the deliverance of their messages in one form or another). The planets themselves are seen as the actual bodies of these spirits. The client’s destiny with its imperatives, potential opportunities and all its possibilities is addressed and entertained with predictions made, in particular, where deemed relevant to such in a general long-term “in-the-life” sense for overall perspective. The past may be probed where considered relevant for one reason or another. Forecasting will also be utilized where considered appropriate to current issues and events linking into the relatively “nearby” future as well. In this regard, secondary progressions and solar arc directions (symbolic movements of the planets keying significant developmental periods, along with their characteristic challenges and expressions) as well as transits (actual planets moving through space) will have been worked-up and enjoined prior to as well as during the session for enhanced perspective on questions/issues that might ask addressing. All workings, especially those relative to prediction and/or forecasting, are guided by the idea that good fortune is generally in direct proportion to right perspective.

2) Interpersonal relationship readings (Composite & Davison Relationship Readings

Analyses of the relationships between husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, brothers/sisters, parents/children, business partners, etc.) along with synastry (individual chart comparison). A relationship chart should be seen as a kind of 3rd force entity with a life of its own, its own needs and agendas, interacting with both people involved, impacting as well as being impacted by the planets the individual charts of the people involved in the relationship. This work can bring tremendously enhanced perspective to the relationships people find themselves in.

3) Solar Return (chart for the birthday year)

Readings and Solar Return Journeying involves actual birthday traveling [“astro-vision quest”] to balance one’s energies for coming birthday year. Solar returns and SR journeys can be done for relationships/couples as well. As practiced here, this is a kind of shamanic astrology and, in fact, a strong component of shamanism can be found in most of my astrological work. The time of one’s birthday is extremely powerful transformationally/regeneratively in this shamanic sense (generated out of the death of the Old Year and the birth of the New Year), thereby enabling the possibility in the first place for changing/balancing the energies as deemed appropriate to meet the challenges of the coming SR (birthday) year. This is a 2-3-step process (Further discussion required for this operation.)

4) Relocation Astrology

(Relocation Charts): Unlike with SR journeying, wherein the chart created on the birthday is “brought back” fully operative to the place of residence and places of happenstance as an energetic facilitator for the year’s challenges from one birthday to next after having been relocated to a specially designed location for the approximate birthday time only, what is referred to here is the practice of locating particular places on earth that conduce to changing the energy of one’s life (for the better, hopefully) by virtue of living and/or working there. Clearly implied is that some places are better or worse for this or for that, and that where you live (if different from where you were born) will have a discernible impact on your life for better or for worse. Relocations are not expected to be significantly operative unless you are actually there; though one would obviously expect them to be operative on the level of, let’s say, a business that you might start there – whether yyou actually live at the business site year round or not (i.e., in this case, the life of the business per extension to you). There are, as it were, certain places on earth that “call out to one” regarding this or that part of one’s nativity. Some places are better or worse for social life, money, career, peace of mind, health, vacations, etc. As above, with exceptions, one must generally actually be in this place in order reap its rewards. (Contextual discussion again suggested.)

5) General forecasting

Though fate is certainly a genuine component of our existence, and a not unimportant one, it is only a part and – in my experience, a relatively small one – of overall reality. In the sense of ultimate eventuations, we can only do so much about that which is truly fated....mostly in terms of how we react and respond to it. By definition, it IS always fated that this or that astrological spirit or spirit complex is in play at a given time in a given area of life. In most cases, however, being oriented to these entities/energetics – their predictable/characteristic up-sides, down-sides, length of time in play, as well as imperatives and messages – can make all the difference in the world as to impacting the nature of the fate ultimately eventuating from them. In other words, my brand of forecasting (my approach to astrology in general) is largely an action-oriented one aimed at negotiation with the astrological entities toward resolution of problems on the road to accomplishing one’s rightful destiny.

6) Retrospective Astrology

Most people think of astrology strictly as prediction of the future/fortune-telling or “character”/personality analysis and that “hindsight” (relative to prediction) is “always easy.” One of the most valuable potentials of this poetic science, however, involves the opportunity to explore/probe the past in a given area of life experience for what may turn out to have been at the spiritual, psychological/formulative and/or material "crux of the matter"…the essence truth and/or mechanism, if you will, behind problematic issues/patterns of behavior, illness/potential illness, or difficulty in general – the hope, of course, beyond the obvious sense of closure always afforded by a true “tying up of loose ends,” being that achieving genuine possession of/perspective on such recognitionally can lead to enhancing one’s sense of clarity/empowerment in the future per whatever the issue in question. Said another way, integration serves to further.
For example, the ability to recognize some temporally-located pre-existent expression of difficulty represented in the future, can afford the opportunity for taking preventative measures in anticipation of dealing with such. At the very least, the recognition itself can often be calming and self-validating, ultimate;y becoming empowering and healing. Likewise, recognition of astral prosperity patterns from the past enhance the likelihood of enhancing one’s perspective in the present and the future.

7) Electional Astrology

Picking powerful/harmonious times/places for special events (avoiding bad times/places when possible) – launching new enterprises or boats, choosing surgery dates, weddings, starting new countries, wars, etc.

8) Medical Astrology

(as an “integrative” adjunct to established/modern medicine and/or various other healing cosmologies; can be discussed in context).

9) Astrology for pets

Though we usually don’t have exact birth times for our pets (always important for best results), we usually – or at least often – can get a birthday and often even an approximate time – from which we can get much information. Since most pet owners are much closer to their pets than to most of the people they know, perspectives gleaned herein can be extremely worthwhile.

10) Contacting the Dearly Departed

Definitely not for everyone and only to be enjoined as part of natural process and/or for genuinely compelling reasons.

11) Sports Astrology

Not so much of the betting on horse races variety, but more in the sense of working via astrological orientation process in an effort to integrate/smooth out ups, downs, and blocks of all kinds inevitably encountered by athletes such as regards slump, injury, and/or hot streak scenarios – the idea being (as always) to get to the heart of the matter, negotiate the injuries, minimize the slumps, and maximize the hot streaks…just like with non-athletes in everyday life. Can also work in “team mode” in variable contexts, helped by access to birth data of owners, team incorporation, affiliated cities and, of course, key players (boxing, baseball, football, basketball, etc.).

12) Mundane Astrology

Can offer perspectives via horoscopes relating to nation states, cities, and their “rulers” on political matters and such when considered appropriate – again, given reliable “birth” data. Can have useful applications in addressing corporate and/or personal ”small business” issues as well as collective business and political trends as determined appropriate (can also be applied to sports astrology, etc., as per above.).

13) Astrotherapy

This is directed to the usual goals of enhancement of perspective but in an ongoing, less hurried manner in order to deal with acute situational and/or root/core issues in need of more comprehensive, more in-depth attention than is generally afforded by the usual, more typically encountered non-continuous/occasional-periodic-type astrology session. Inevitably combines various other modes simultaneously in process – for example, forecasting and retrospective astrology, solar return astrology of all kinds, etc.

If you are interested in any of the foregoing, please contact me, letting me know what kind of session/sessions you are interested in as well as with your date, place and time of birth (very important), and I will reply with a suggested approach. For phone or Skype sessions, the fee must be paid by check or PayPal (in USA) or via PayPal (outside USA) in advance of the session. Sessions with me in person can be had in my Upper East Side New York City location. House calls “in the area” are also possible for only a slight additional charge. All readings are recorded and given to the client.

Contact: geistjastro (at) hotmail.com or 212-249-7165


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