The Funk Symphony is a wild, wonderful, and uninhibited work that playfully synthesizes together the styles of classical music, pop, jazz, and other styles. Passive listening to this composition will result in tapping toes and snapping fingers.

As Hayden Wayne writes, "Funk was born into me. I danced to and performed it as a kid and subsequently wanted to put it into symphonic form-part of a trilogy which includes symphony no. 2-Reggae and symphony no. 3-Heavy Metal. Symphony No. 4-Funk was begun on May 21, 1990 and completed November 21, 1991. Recorded by the State Philharmonic of Brno, Leos Svarovsky conducting, it had its world premiere at the Janacek theater in Brno February 23, 1995. The concert was sold out seven months in advance."

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