Doug Ordunio was born in Glendale, California in 1950. A student at Glendale College and Cal State Northridge, he majored in musical composition and voice. From 1973-1986 he was the FM Programmer of what was the only commercial classical music station in Los Angeles, KFAC AM-FM. For the last eight years he was a member of the station’s prestigious announcing staff. During that time, he produced and hosted some of the most unique programs in the history of the station, including the unusual combination of popular, jazz, classical music and poetry (read by Carl Princi) Global Village, He also hosted the shows At Home With, KFAC Musical Theatre, Crossroads of Music, and the talk show KFAC Artsline. He also created and produced a monumental series of five four-hour programs known as The Circular Path. These shows concerned the entire history of classical music from the sound of a mother’s aortic pulse recorded within the uterus through the contemporary classical music of the time (1982).

He worked as a professional singer in many churches around Southern California for twenty years. In addition, he performed with the Duke Ellington Band (when Duke was still living), the NY City Opera, and the Greek Theater Opera.

He was also a program annotator who wrote over 300 articles about classical music. His employers in this regard included UCLA Center for the Performing Arts, Ojai Music Festival, Pasadena Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, and the Ambassador Foundation.

His voice has been heard on numerous audiobooks. From 1989-2005, he worked for AEI and DMX Inflight, creating thousands of musical and talk programs for the world’s commercial airlines.

In 1989, he became the producer of the popular syndicated radio program, The Romantic Hours, hosted by concert pianist Mona Golabek. The show, heard over many stations around the US is a wedding between classical music and romantic love letters/poetry. In 2013, the show still continues.

His poetry book, Murmurationis (2012), is available at, as well as his saga of four hoboes, RAILS (2009). Crossings was published in 2011. His novel Sacrifice To Venus appeared in 2012. Liquid Realty, concerning non-linear and multiple narrative films was published in early 2012. Liquid Realty Volume 2 appeared in 2013. Camera Oscura, a bucket list of 150-200 films that you (probably missed) but should see for their unusual takes on life and existence will be published in 2013.

Last but not least, he designed the website for New Millennium Records, for which he invented The Classroom—an online location where young people can learn the basic rudiments of music in over 100 rooms of images, audio, and text.

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