Recess 10--Mr. Jones

Lindsey Armstrong Jones was later known as Spike, and he became one of the great lampooners of music the world has ever known. Anything was fair game for instruments in the Jones band, known as The City Slickers or (The Band That Plays For Fun). Imagine cow-bells, washboards, pistols, saws, and one time a live goat that was trained to bleat along with the music!

Then Jones also invented the Latrinophone which was a toilet seat fitted with catgut strings. Spike was actually a studio drummer who performed with the likes of Hoagy Carnichael, Victor Young, Al Jolson and others. Here are two more Spike Jones classics and if you think about it, you must realize that his sidemen were incredibly talented. He and the band performed internationally especially during WW II to entertain the troops. For awhile he even owned a small market, the Spike Jones market (with his own likeness out in front) in La Crescenta, California.

First that classic popular song Cocktails for Two

And a classic take-off of a performance by the Ink Spots You Always Hurt The One You Love.

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