Extra credit No. 2

You heard a piece of music from the Renaissance by Michael Praetorius. It's a dance called Volte. The recording was made in 1963 by the Collegium Terpsichore directed by Fritz Neumeyer. The CD was released in 1993 by Boston Records. Catalog number is 118.

You need to consider three things. First, listen for the drum which plays the same rhythm all the way through. It begins on beat 4, then it repeats every 6 beats after.

Then, listen for that rat-a-tat sound which sounds like drum sticks striking wood. It has a higher pitch. It begins on beat 1, then repeats every 6 beats after.

Finally, listen to the melody being played by the instruments that sounds like a violin and whistle together.

OK, if you need to hear it again, click here.

If you're having trouble, listen to this version where we've put a tone at the beginning of every drum phrase. Listen!

Here's another version where the rat-a-tat sound has a tone. Listen!

NOw you're ready for the REAL REVELATION. Here's a version with a tone on the downbeat of each bar. Listen!

So here you have a third layer factored in, but what happens in the middle, where things get wacky? That will be explained in the future. As the guy used to say at the end of the Beverly Hillbillies, "Y'all come back now!" Return to classroom.

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