Answer No. 3

This is a tough one! There are seven beats per measure. O.K. so you can hear it, I've slowed down the tempo and put a tone on the first beat of every measure. Just start counting 1 on the first beat. The tempo is constant so every time there's a tone, start with one. Be careful and don't say se-ven or else you'll get behind so say one, two, three, four, five six, sev'n.

Listen at slow speed!

Got it? When you want to hear the whole thing at the right speed, click Listen at the right speed!

Recording was released in 1968. Lorin Hollander Live at the Fillmore East. Prokofiev Piano sonata No. 7--Third movement--Precipitato

OK, If you really listened at the right speed, is that piece of music a mind-blower??? That is absolutely one of the most amazing pieces ever written and it is already 65 years old. Did you hear what was going on in the music? You should listen to that piece repeatedly until you understand why it is great! Then ask yourself, is it classical? Is it jazz? Is it pop?

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