The Romantic Hours has been one of the most unusual shows that has been on the airwaves of commercial and non-commercial stations around the U.S. since 1998. Hosted by concert pianist and Steinway artist Mona Golabek, she reads a variety of texts that consist of romantic poetry, love letters of famous writers and composers, as well as other texts that demonstrate the importance of love in our world.

The show has been programmed and produced by Doug Ordunio, who for 13 years was the FM Programmer of former Los Angeles classical radio station, KFAC AM & FM, as well as the creator of thousands of classical music programs for commercial airlines around the world from 1998 until 2005, for AEI and DMX Inflight.

By clicking on the links below, you can see the playlists for given shows, and on the playlist pages you can click on a link which will allow you to download a complete broadcast as it was originally produced, without commercial announcements. We hope you will enjoy them, and we know that these are programs you will want to hear again and again.

Cats Program 1

Japanese Pop Music Lyrics

Take me to Grand Salon